You Can’t Be a Princess

Would you let your son dress up as a princess? Would you let your daughter dress up as Spiderman?

A real-life example:


University of Chicago Professor Very Disappointed that Female Neuroscientists Aren’t Sexier

“Here’s a thing that you should do if you’re a professor at an academic conference: listen to your colleagues’ presentations and meet new friends, possibly for future professional collaboration. Here’s a thing that you shouldn’t do if you’re a professor at an academic conference: take to Facebook and publicly bitch about how your penis is mad that your female colleagues aren’t fuckable enough. Most academics are evolved enough to understand this, but one University of Chicago professor just couldn’t resist the urge to use social media to act like an antisocial ass.”

Facebook Defends Page Promoting Rape

Facebook claims that pictures of violence against women and pages advocating rape don’t violate their terms and conditions.