The Virgin Daughters

A friend of mine had to watch this documentary for a Gender Studies class and posted the link on Facebook. Apparently, there’s a pretty big Purity Movement going on in the US. A main component of this movement are “Father-Daughter Purity Balls,” where girls as young as 5-year-olds participate. The main idea behind this movement is that in order for girls to remain “pure” until their wedding day, good relationships with their father are crucial. The idea is that once girls start to question whether they’re pretty and wondering if they’re worth being pursued, they need affirmation from their fathers; if they don’t receive this affirmation from their father, they’ll turn to other males and potentially “get robbed of something precious.”

In my opinion, the entire movement is objectifying and oppressive of women, serving as a tool for patriarchy and heteronormativity. If someone wants to remain a virgin until they’re wedding night, or even not kiss their partner until their wedding day, that’s fine with me. If they don’t want to do those things, then that’s totally fine with me too. I don’t think parents should be “protecting” their daughter’s “wholesomeness,” rather, I think it’s MUCH more important that parents teach their children about having safe and consensual sexual relationships.


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