Bitch Bad


This music video came out a couple of months ago, but I saw it for the first time today (thanks to Tumblr).

” Lupe parallels modern day black entertainment (read: music videos) to historical blackface, tap dancing and performances blacks once participated in for the enjoyment of white audiences, which reinforced negative stereotypes. A girl and a boy who were subjected to the “bad bitches” imagery as youth are all grown up. As a woman, she believes being a bad bitch is a compliment. As for him, well, he associates nothing good with bitches. In the background, caricatures of Sambo, blacks tap dancing and the video model/rapper in blackface plays repeatedly. The video vixen/rapper struggle with the images they’ve just presented to the world for money.  Beyond tackling the perception of bitch being good or bad, which is subjective, Lupe points out the ideal of black entertainers pimping themselves through reinforcing stereotypes all for a buck, or in this case, millions of bucks.”



One response to “Bitch Bad

  1. This is one of my favorite music videos because beyond the fact that it has a powerful message, it is actually a well put together artistic piece, unlike most music videos out today. Lupe tries to convey the misunderstand around the words “bad” and “bitch” and the convoluted and backwards society that we live in.

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